Boy Killed By Dad's Plow: Posts Apology On Facebook

Boy Killed By Dad’s Plow: Posts Apology On Facebook

Dad’s Snow Plow Kills 6-Year Old Son

The most recent snow storm in New England has brought tragedy to the family of Kevin Capponi.

The 36-year old father was using a snow plow to clear the driveway of his home from the recent accumulation when he accidentally struck his six-year old son Nathan while backing up with the plow.

The boy was immediately transported by an emergency ambulance crew from his home in Greene, Maine to nearby Central Maine Medical Center. Doctors’ attempts to save him were futile and the boy passed away due to his injuries shortly after being brought to the hospital for emergency treatment. No official cause of death was released although Nathan sustained blunt force trauma from being hit by the snow plow.

Authorities reveal that Nathan had been riding around on his scooter in the early morning hours and that his dad simply did not see him playing in the driveway when the accident occurred shortly before 7 a.m.

“The boy was on a scooter playing in his driveway as his father was backing up the truck,” Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland describes.

The most recent storm brought more than a foot of new snow to parts of Maine.

Capponi told police officials that he was almost finished with his snow plowing tasks when he backed the vehicle up the driveway and the force of the plow struck his young son while he was pedaling along on a two-wheeled bicycle.

Had Capponi been aware that his son was playing on the driveway or had the amount of daylight made Nathan more visible, the tragedy could have been easily averted.

“Please forgive me and my family. I love him with all my heart. It is now broken,” he wrote on Facebook.

Friends family and neighbors all offered their sympathy for the grieving family.

“There is no forgiveness needed Kevin. […] Your family is caring and wonderful to be with. We feel joy whenever your family enters the room. You both look into the best for each other and the kids. Forgiveness is not what you should ask for at this time,” Christopher Miller comments.

“Kevin was a good kid in high school. I feel bad for him and his family,” former classmate Ryan Bachelder of Turner says.

“I guess I am in shock, but I feel really bad for the parents,” neighbor Nicole Beachesne adds.


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