TV Analysts Fight: Kendall Gill and Tim Doyle Throw Punches

TV Analysts Fight: Kendall Gill and Tim Doyle Throw Punches

Former NBA player turned Comcast SportsNet basketball analyst Kendall Gill apparently wasn’t very happy with what another on air personality named Tim Doyle had to say about his commentary on the Bulls vs. Nuggets basketball game.

Gill felt like Tim Doyle threw him under the bus on air and it apparently sent Gill into a rage.

Gill confronted Doyle at the Comcast Sports Net office in Chicago and sources have confirmed that there was an altercation that happened between the two instigated by Kendall Gill. Witnesses to the incident said that there was punches thrown and blood present after the altercation.

The two had to be pulled off of each other as the two men continued to push and shove each other after the confrontation. It is unknown whether or not Kendall Gill will be charged in this assault however Kendall Gill has been removed from the programming line up until Comcast SportsNet completes its internal investigation.

“We’ll have to let everything play out,” Gill said to the Chicago Tribune.

The entire ordeal was over a disagreement over a questionable call that was made by an official in the Bulls vs. Nuggets basketball game. Kendall Gill thought that Doyle’s comments crossed the line which is was is said to have fueled this incident.

“We’re looking further into the incident that took place in our newsroom earlier today,” said CSN Chicago news director Kevin Cross said this week. “Until the investigation is complete, Kendall Gill will not be appearing on our air.”


TV analysts fight: Kendall Gill, Tim Doyle in altercation after SportsNet taping

TV Analysts Kendall Gill And Tim Doyle Fight Over Bulls-Nuggets Game Analysis

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