Swedes Perplexed Over Seal Pup Found 6 km Inland

Uppsala, Sweden – police received a phone call from Robert Sandefors, a hunter, who stumbled upon a beautiful white seal pup six kilometers inland.

The discovery is unique given that seal pups are not believed to be capable of travelling so far inland from a body of water – much less to do so unattended. Sandefors believes the seal pup accomplished the feat on its own; he says he was able to see it’s tracks in the snow.

Police Inspector Henrik Pederson said he received the phone call from Sandefors and “thought he was joking at first”.

“A somewhat confused person called and said he was out walking in the woods where he had found a seal pup. I thought he was joking at first,” Pederson told news agency TT.

Police now believe the seal pup was able to make it’s journey to the woods by first going over ice for three kilometers and then finishing the remaining three in the woods.

“He must have gotten separated from his mother and gotten lost and gone in the wrong direction,” Sandefors told public broadcaster Swedish Radio.

Initially, police left the pup in the custody of Sandefors until a decision was made to release it into the Dalaelven river.


Swedes mystified by seal pup in forest