Crocodile In Costa Rica Near Snaps Up Man Snapping Photos

Crocodile In Costa Rica Near Snaps Up Man Snapping Photos

Video: Daring photographer in Costa Rica Nearly Eaten By Crocodile

A truly frightening video of a young man in Rio Tarcoles, Costa Rica has surfaced in which he is almost bitten by a large crocodile.

The photographer, Antonio, is hunched down by the riverbank photographing a crocodile. Unfortunately, he is so focused on the first beast that he misses the second one approaching him. Despite his friends screeching in the background Antonio continues to take photographs until it is almost too late. He can even be seen hushing his friends because he does not realize that they are trying to warn him.

Suddenly, Antonio notices just a fraction of a second before the crocodile jumps out of the river and snaps its jaws. The photographer quickly scrambles up the bank of the river in time to avoid serious injury. However, he experienced another close call after running from this crocodile because a third one was hovering nearby in the brush.

Both the photographer and his group of friends who can be heard in the background throughout the video escaped this terrifying event without any injuries. The video is truly frightening to watch and there is no doubt that Antonio was lucky to escape. The brush with death was close!

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Snap happy: Terrifying moment photographer is almost eaten by crocodile caught on camera – video

Video: Eager photographer in Costa Rica narrowly avoids being eaten by a crocodile