Crocodile In Costa Rica Nearly Eats Daring Photographer

Crocodile In Costa Rica Nearly Eats Daring Photographer

Man Narrowly Escapes Crocodile Attack in Costa Rica

Despite Costa Rica’s popularity as a tourist destination, it is still full of wild jungle and unpredictable creatures. A prime example of this came to light on March 18th when the divide between man and nature was bridged by photographer Antonio Ruiz.

The young man, who friends claim has experience photographing wildlife and getting up close and personal with dangerous creatures, came too close for comfort with the jaws of an American Crocodile.

In the waters of the Tarcoles River, one of many areas in the country known to have significant crocodile numbers, Ruiz and onlookers got a first hand look at an unusual way to go. David Clow was running the camera on his friend and caught every second of the close encounter.

The video showcases the young man taking pictures as several crocs drift by. Audio illustrates onlookers becoming more and more agitated as the prehistoric beasts approach the shore just feet from where Ruiz is crouched. When the photographer turns his head to comment at the crowd, one particularly large Crocodile lunges towards the young man who escapes its jaws by inches.

The video has gained quite a reaction from viewers as yet another example of what can happen when humans get too comfortable with nature.

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