$5 'just looking' fee instituted by Aussie store

$5 ‘just looking’ fee instituted by Aussie store

Australian Stores Starts Charging $5 Looking Fee

In a growing effort by stores across the globe to help combat showroom shoppers who then go and by their products else where namely in the online space different tactics such as Best Buy now price matching Amazon has taken effect.

In a new twist on this effort a store in Brisbane Australia that specializes in gluten free products the shop owner have implemented a $5 looking fee. If you enter the store to browse you are charged a $5 looking around fee which the owner say will be deducted from your bill at your time of purchase. This is directly due in part the owner says from the high volume of people that use this store as a reference and then purchase goods elsewhere. She apparently was tired of giving out all of this advice to potential customers only to see them leave the store and buy their Celiac Supplies else where such as other large supermarket chains.

The shop owner posted a sign on the front of the store indicating the change which was to be enacted starting last February. It’ll be interesting to see if any more small business owners try and follow suit to combat the ever growing popularity of showrooming.