Lion Kills Heron 1

Lion Kills a Heron in Zoo Accident

Lion Kills a Heron in Zoo Accident

A Lion Kills a Heron in Zoo Accident

Zoos are typically known as fun and exotic places for families to visit where peaceful animals roam free in areas created to resemble their local habitat. Usually, animals are confined to specific locations throughout the zoo where they can roam freely with other animals of their kind. The animals found in zoos are typically docile, known for their calm temperaments and ability to interact with the visitors.

Thursday however, a very different type of zoo video began to go viral all over the world. The YouTube video filmed by a family on vacation in Amsterdam captured a heron flying into the area where the tigers, lions and other wild cats were enclosed.

The reposted YouTube video had the following description:

“This Dutch family was visiting the zoo on a quiet Sunday afternoon when things got a bit more exciting than seeing bored animals lying around their enclosures. A lion spots a heron near the water. Following her instincts she sneaks up on it and manages to grab it. The whole family wants in on the prize, but a sneaky cub gets away with it.”

The heron landed in one of the lakes located in the enclosure and was just trying to drink some water when one of the lions quickly snatched the bird- within minutes, the whole lion family was tearing the heron apart.

This video was captured by a Dutch family at the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam a year ago, but has been gaining popularity on YouTube ever since Thursday.

The video of the lion killing the heron is available and trending on YouTube here.

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Lion Kills Heron in Zoo Incident Caught on Film

Lion kills heron