cold snap leads to daffodil shortage at John Lewis stores

cold snap leads to daffodil shortage at John Lewis stores

Snap Cold Causes Daffodil Shortage at Upscale John Lewis Stores

The 41 store chain of upscale John Lewis stores has begun selling fake daffodils this Easter and spring season.

The store says this is in response to the recent snap cold that has delayed daffodil crops from blooming and caused a shortage. It isn’t uncommon for the retail giant to sell fake daffodils, but the store is expecting to sell as much as 400% more faux daffodils this year over the previous.

In fact, the retailer has ordered sufficient inventory to accommodate the demand. Traditionally, Brits adorn their Easter tables with fresh daffodil blooms. Many will likely have to settle for the faux blooms this year, but one customer stated that the blooms now look exceptionally real and will still make for a colorful Easter table decoration. The British Daffodil Growers’ Association believes that the daffodil blooms have been delayed by one month because of the cold weather.

The association was also clear that no one is actually sure when the daffodil crops will bloom and acknowledged that many farmers are “very far behind on production”. Thus far, retailer John Lewis has seen an 18% increase in the sale of fake daffodils. The John Lewis chain has been in business since 1864.


John Lewis selling fake daffodils as cold snap causes flower shortage