Robbers caught When Police Followed Footprints In Snow

Robbers caught When Police Followed Footprints In Snow

iPad Burglar Leads Police Back to His Home Via Snow Prints

(dBTechno) – Lewis Ward coveted an Apple iPad so much that he entered the home of a nearby neighbor to steal their iPad.

The evil deed was carefully planned. Ward entered the home surreptitiously and with stealth moved through back alleys to his home. His actions avoided any negative attention and would probably have paid off had he not left a trail of snow prints from the victim’s home back to his residence, reports METRO.

The trail itself was over a mile long. Police carefully traced the tracks for 90 minutes until their arrived at Ward’s apartment. When they arrived at Ward’s residence, they found the burglar still drying off.

Police were also able to the shoes Ward was wearing to the snow prints they had been trailing.

After conducting a search of the home, they recovered the iPad and charger which were hidden in separate rooms. He pleaded guilty to the theft and faces prison time.


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