Taggart Fan Gets Impressive Detective Tattoo

Taggart Fan Gets Impressive Detective Tattoo

Taggart Fan Honors Detective With Giant Back Tattoo

A Scottish man has chosen a very unique way to express his admiration for actor Mark McManus, who portrays detective Jim Taggart.

34-year old John Cuthbert has gotten a gigantic tattoo of Taggart spread across his back and the design recently won for best Scottish-themed tattoo at a local convention. Tattoo artist Mark Wallace created the one of a kind artwork, featuring McManus’ face, the skyline of Glasgow and the Finnieston crane stretching across Cuthbert’s back.

Cuthbert is such a fan of tattooing that he already has almost two-thirds of his body covered in inked artwork.

He says his plans are to add other images that reflect Glasgow at a later point in time. Cuthbert also notes that his wife Joanne took some time getting used to having actor McManus’ face staring at her when the couple is laying in bed at night.

Mr Cuthbert tells the Mirror: “Taggart is something that every Scotsman knows and it’s pretty much unique to our country.

“It’s got the Glasgow skyline alongside McManus’s face – who for me is just amazing.

“But James MacPherson is also good and will be added later along with other iconic references to Glasgow.”

Although she was a bit shocked to see the gigantic Taggart homage at first, he reports she is ultimately very supportive of her husband’s use of his body as a temple of tattoo art. There has been no comment from actor Mark McManus regarding the permanent memorial that John Cuthbert has created on his body to honor what he considers to be the world’s greatest detective.

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