Attractive Convict Meme is A Viral Hit (PHOTOS)

Attractive Convict Meme is A Viral Hit (PHOTOS)

Head-Turning Mugshot Goes Viral

Many people detest their driver’s license photographs and often comment on how the picture resembles a mugshot. However, young Megan McCullough is challenging that stereotype in a big way.

In 2010, the 25-year-old Florida resident had a lapse in judgment when she had one drink too many and got behind her steering wheel.

Police pulled her over and upon finding her legally intoxicated arrested her.

She subsequently posted a small $500 bond and was released. However, two days ago, her mugshot resurfaced on the internet and has gone viral. In fact, her photograph is now an internet meme for beautiful mugshots. The single mugshot appeared on Reddix under various captions that are generating a lot of hits. Some of the captions are:

“Wanted in 50 States”

“I Guess It’s True Looks Do Kill”

“This is What a Model Inmate Looks Like”

“Drops the Soap and Your Jaw”

“Every Guy in Her Cell Block is a Hardened Criminal”

Such memes have started over the past year. In the spring of 2012, a photograph of a handsome young man in a competitive race similarly went viral.

check out some of the more hilarious Attractive Convict Meme photos.

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‘Attractive Convict’ meme goes viral on internet