Huguette Clark Leaves $34 Million to Nurse

Huguette Clark Leaves $34 Million to Nurse

Huguette Clark Leaves 34 Million to Nurse

In May of 2011, Huguette Clark, the heiress of a 20th century copper miner, died at the age of 104. Clark left a measurable $34 million to her privately hired nurse, Hadassah Peri. Additionally, Peri was left a valuable collection of dolls.

The total of Clark’s fortune was an astonishing $400 million. Besides an additional $14 million going to Clark’s god-daughter, no other relatives or individuals were in the multimillionaire’s will.

Legal and analytic experts have cited that Peri is actually one of few who could actually benefit from such unexpected wealth. Psychologist Daniel Kegan has cited “this may or may not be good” based on how people such as Hadassah Peri are living before coming into such great wealth. It can make things better if you live a more grounded life but can amplify lifestyles which involve bad habits and can eventually make this worse.


Huguette Clark, NYC Heiress, Leaves $34 Million to Nurse