Zumba Woman Drops 123 pounds, Use To Weigh Over 300lbs

Zumba Woman Drops 123 pounds, Use To Weigh Over 300lbs

Zumba woman 123 pounds

Many females of American culture feel that the aspect of beauty and maintaining beauty is of upmost importance. Having a body and physique that males crave and lust after is something many women would love to have.

To achieve this, women will go to the lengths of extensive workouts, extreme dietary routines and even sometimes surgery. It is safe to say that achieving the goal of having a hot body is in high demand for females and for one Kansas woman, dancing her way to this goal has gone from dream to reality.

Ashlee Tomsche was a woman who once weighed over 300 pounds.

She once had an improper diet consisting of chips, ice cream and soda which led to the extra pounds.

She was capable of eating a whole pizza by herself. Just like many overweight Americans, she found comfort in eating a lot but thanks to the help of Zumba she is looking a lot thinner in the waist.

Zumba, the Latin-inspired dance class, has been helping people shave pounds since 2001. For Ashlee, Zumba completely altered her life. After attending regularly scheduled classes she lost 123 pounds and dropped six dress sizes. Tomsche says she’s addicted.