Woman's house in Loughborough 'haunted by ghost'

Woman’s house in Loughborough ‘haunted by ghost’

Woman Pleads for New Subsidized House After Haunting

29-year-old Stacey McGill, her twenty-five-year old partner and their 18-month-old daughter Chelsey moved into their new council home this past December; a council home in England is the equivalent of a Section 8 house in the United States.

Now, she is pleading for another unit to live in because their Loughborough home is haunted by the spirit of a man they call “Nigel”. McGill says the spirit does things in the home such as making the floor boards “creak” as he passes over them or flickering light switches and even moves posters around on the walls. McGill even went so far as to hire a medium to investigate their home.

The medium confirmed the presence of “male energy”. The medium, Dave Vickers confirmed that the spirit of a man wanders through the home and explained the spirit even passed through his body.

Vickers was able to allow the spirit of the deceased to speak through him and confirmed it is the spirit of a man called “Nigel” who died in his late thirties. McGill also confirmed “Nigel” sometimes turns on the microwave machine.

They first noticed the paranormal activity one morning at 3:00AM. They awoke to what they thought was construction work being done in the house, but no one was there.

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Please give me a new house, pleads mother who believes her home is haunted by the ghost of a man called Nigel