Dog Saves His Master After He Falls Through Ice on Wild Goose Chase

Yet another dog joins the ever expanding list of canines who continually affirm the adage: “Dog is man’s best friend”.

A local Colorado duck hunter’s expedition nearly turned deadly. The man had just shot a duck over the frozen Colorado River when his dog fell through the frozen water trying to retrieve the bird, reports the Daily Mail.

The hunter crossed over the frozen river to rescue his dog and did so, but at his own expense; the 60-year-old man fell through the ice. It was at that time the dog began circling the ice trying to retrieve his master.

Other hunters spotted the accident and called in ice rescue workers who responded immediately. However, it was thirty minutes before the man would be pulled out of the frigid waters.

During that time, the dog kept him active by circling him and approaching him as if to help retrieve him. The hunter constantly had to wave off his dog to prevent it from falling through the ice again. Once rescue workers were able to pull the man safely out of the freezing waters, he was able to walk to the shore on his own. He was subsequently taken to the hospital by ambulance suffering from hypothermia.


Loyal dog guards his master in freezing water for THIRTY MINUTES after man falls through ice