Store chain fined for forcing staff to show bra size: 'Change' Forced To Change

Store chain fined for forcing staff to show bra size: ‘Change’ Forced To Change

Swedish Lingerie Chain Fined for Requiring Bra Size Badges

The Swedish Labour Court recently made it clear to the owners of a lingerie chain that requiring employees to wear badges that revealed their bra size was a case of gender discrimination.

The discriminatory practice at a store called “Change” in Sundsvall came to light after one of its young employees filed a lawsuit after objecting to wearing signage on her blouse that stated her name, the measurement of her chest as well as the cup size she wore in a bra.

“Change” management claimed that insisting that its employees wear the humiliating badges detailing their personal information was merely for the purpose of desensitizing customers about their own size issues in addition to demonstrating that the shop offered lingerie products in a wide array of sizes.

The Court obviously disagreed, calling the practice discriminatory and a violation of a woman’s dignity. In addition to being fined almost $8,000, “Change” was charged with all court costs, including legal fees for the young employee who brought the lawsuit.

“It’s a pleasing judgement… It’s also a great victory for the integrity of all employees,” a spokeswoman for the Commercial Employees’ Union, Jaana Paalsson, told Swedish news agency TT.

The Swedish Commercial Employees Union praised the court’s decision as a victory for all female workers. There is no word if the young woman who pressed the issue is still employed at the store.


A Swedish employment tribunal has found a lingerie chain guilty of gender discrimination after forcing one of its employees to display her bra size on a badge.