American Bride and Mexican Groom Tie the Knot on the Rio Grande

Lovely young Stephanie Guerra, 26, and her handsome partner Ruben Alfonso Fierro, 27, have been trying to reunite their family against difficult US immigration laws.

The loving partners have four children together and wanted Fierro to straighten out his immigration status; he entered the country illegally years ago.

For that purpose, he returned to Mexico to properly apply for a Visa to the United States but was denied.

The two were now in a “catch-22” situation. If they were married in the US, Fierro would have a much easier time returning to the United States, but how could they do that given he is in Mexico? As the adage goes, “love will prevail”. The couple learned that an 1848 border agreement between Mexico and the United States permits free travel across the Rio Grande.

That means that the couple could technically marry on the waters of the Rio Grande found inside US territory and have a legitimate marriage that meets immigration requirements without Fierro violating immigration laws and jeopardize his future chances of a Visa. The couple married atop a Zodiac raft with a US justice of the peace presiding. US Customs and Border agents also made excellent use of taxpayer funds monitoring the ceremony to ensure Fierro did step onto US soil.

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American And Mexican Have Wedding On Border Aboard A Raft On Rio Grande

American marries Mexican on river border

American marries Mexican on river border between countries