Beaver Attack In Belarus Leaves One Man Dead

Beaver Attack In Belarus Leaves One Man Dead

Man Killed After Beaver Attack

The beaver is one the world’s largest rodents and usually do their best to avoid contact with humans. However, three fisherman in Belarus had quite a different experience when a beaver attacked and killed one them.

According to reports, The trio had stopped to take pictures of the beaver at Lake Shestakov during their fishing trip. The beaver suddenly attacked the fisherman with the camera, biting him on the thigh. The bite severed the man’s artery.

Despite the efforts to staunch the blood flow, the man shortly bled to death before his friends could get medical assistance.

Beaver attacks are rare and experts say that most occur when the beaver is rabid. Two girls in a Virgina lake were attacked last year.

Not the fist beaver attack this summer

A rabid beaver attacked Boy Scout troop leader Norman Brousseau as he was swimming in the Delaware River with four scouts in July.

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports the beaver swam between the man’s legs and bit him on the torso, arm, hand, leg and buttocks.

The Scouts managed to pull Brousseau to shore and beat the beaver to death with rocks.

Sharon Brown a biologist and director of Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife who has raised and aided beavers for more than 20 years assures the public that beavers are still vegetarian and attacks are not on the rise, reports the Washington Examiner.

“Beaver attacks are not on the rise,” she said. “It’s just not something beavers usually do.

A video was posted online from Russia of another man being attacked by a beaver.

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