Shot Outside,  Worker Saved By Belt Buckle

Shot Outside, Worker Saved By Belt Buckle

Philadelphia Man Dodges Bullet Thanks to Belt Buckle

A store clerk in Philadelphia is thanking his lucky stars, as well as the belt buckle he was wearing, for helping to save his life when a stray bullet struck his midsection.

When a random gunfight erupted outside his store, the metal in his belt buckle managed to deflect a bullet before it could pierce his stomach and possibly end the clerk’s life. Bienvenido Reynosa reports he heard the bullet but didn’t feel it strike his body as he dove for cover onto the floor of the store, only to discover later that a potentially fatal stray bullet had grazed his metal belt buckle.

“I went outside and heard the shots and I hit the floor,” Reynoso told ABC station WPVI. “I didn’t feel nothing. … I was checking out my body.”

“Surveillance footage shows a man on a bike firing a gun outside the market,” the Huffington Post reported.

“One person outside the store was hit in the abdomen and was hospitalized in critical condition, police said.

“At first, Mr Reynoso didn’t realize he could have been a second victim.”

Reynosa says he feels a renewed sense of faith since avoiding becoming another murder statistic in the City of Brotherly Love. Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department arrested one 24-year old man connected to the shooting and transported another involved in the gunplay to an area hospital in order to get treated for a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

At least one of the suspects has been charged with aggravated assault as well as attempted murder. No doubt that Reynosa will consider wearing that same belt buckle to work every day from now on as a lucky talisman.


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Shot worker saved by belt buckle

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