The city Of Portland has held the honor of being the home of the world’s smallest park since 1972. Mills End Park, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s smallest park, is only two feet in diameter and has a total area of 452 square inches. It sits in the middle of a median strip of S.W. Naito Parkway and is frequently decorated. The park has a plaque close to it that illustrates its origins and history.

Lately, challenges have been made from the other side of the globe, claiming that Mills End Park is not really the smallest park. In the English town of Burntwood, there is a park named Prince’s Park that holds the Guinness Book of Record for being the smallest park in the United Kingdom. The park has a fence around, has bench seating and has three commemorative trees in it that are named Faith, Hope and Charity. Prince’s Park, many feel, should get the recognition as the world’s smallest park.

The controversy surrounding this story started when Mark Ross, Portland Parks spokesman, received a telephone call from London. Kevin Wilson of London’s KP events, told Mark Ross that he is convinced that Prince’s Park is the smallest park in the world. He based his facts on what defines a park. He argued that a park must have an area of land and have facilities for rest and recreation. Prince’s Park has this, but Mills End Park is essentially a concrete planter.

Ross disagrees with this and defends Mills End Park’s claim as the world’s smallest park. Wilson plans to have officials contact the Guinness Book of World Records so that they can make a final judgment call. Ross said that he is ready to fight and defend Mills End Park.