English Woman Guilty for Assaulting Office with Quiche

An English woman may just have proved the old satirical tag line to author Bruce Feirstein’s 1982 best-seller “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche” – nor do real men fight with it either. Last August, police attempted to serve Franklin Jane Bugmy an apprehended violence order while she strolled on Main Street in the small town of Broken Hill, South Wales.

An apprehend violence order (AVO) is the English equivalent of a “restraining order” in the United States. Apparently, Mrs. Bugmy would have nothing of it (the AVO) and thrust a pram (baby buggy) into Constable James Wheatley and struck him with a Quiche on the knee. Well, that’s their side of the story. Mrs. Bugmy claims that the police did not give her room to navigate her baby stroller which is what caused the pram to jam into the Constable.

Then, in an effort to save baby or quiche, she claims she did the only sensible thing a mother could do, and that’s drop the quiche and secure her baby. A police photograph showed the constable’s knee with pieces of Quiche on it. That was enough to convince the local magistrate (judge) that Mrs. Bugmy both had sufficient room to navigate her pram and that she intended to strike the constable. She was found guilty; her sentence will be handed down later this month.

Woman guilty of assaulting police with quiche