cat escapes vet

cat escapes vet

One Eyed Cat Flees Vet and Travels 10 Days Homeward

Ginger the one-eyed cat must have cashed in one or two of her nine lives for his journey home. The mature orange cat was dropped off at the local veterinary clinic for treatment, but somehow managed to escape from his cage. It was then when the journey began.

Ginger’s home is located in Arnold, Nottingham – at a distance of five miles. As per his veterinarian, cats are not known for their ability to travel distances. While five miles may seem relatively short, it is an almost insurmountable distance for a cat to journey even with both eyes.

Now, that would be daunting enough, but Ginger set about his journey during a period of snowdrifts. He also had to travel two miles along the A60 pass which is known for its busy traffic.

It took Ginger ten days to return to his warm and loving home. His owner, Jayne Middleton, recounted her surprise the night the motion-sensor light in the backyard suddenly lit.

Middleton, 55, said she found Ginger after he set off a security light behind her house.

She said: “I thought I was seeing things. Not only has he made his own way home but he has done it in the hardest weather conditions.

“I am so happy and relieved to have him back.”

Upon investigating the cause of the light, she found her beloved pet alive and well. It is believed that Ginger crossed 30 main roads on his quest to return home. His veterinarian has never before heard of such an accomplishment.

Cat Returns Home Nine Years Later: Family “Never Gave Up”

Nine years ago cat owner Dara Gerson lost her cat. The family pet, named Vanilla, went missing from their Sausalito, California neighborhood and, although Gerson and her daughters spent weeks looking, the cat never returned.

“We lived in Sausalito and my older daughter was holding the cat, and somebody had a dog that scared the cat and the cat ran out of her arms,” Gerson told “We put up posters and asked everyone in the neighborhood and never found him. But we never gave up hope. I’m a pretty intuitive person and assumed he was still alive.”

Imagine their surprise, therefore, to suddenly have Vanilla reappear in their lives after spending some of that time living in a new home in Noe Valley — six hours away from the Gersons.

Not all cats are lucky enough to live in one good home but Vanilla has had at least two.


One-eyed cat escapes from vets and finds his way home over 10 days through snowdrifts