Kirk Norcross of TOWIE has Bedded 1,000 Women

Kirk Norcross, former star of the reality TV series “The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE)”, has published his autobiography entitled “My Story” and it has some big revelations. In many respects,

Norcross is still a baby at age 24 with his whole life ahead of him. So what could the young man possibly cover in 240 pages at this early stage in his life? It turns out the answer to that question is: a lot.

Norcross’ story is pretty much summed up in the adage “you never can tell”. For starters, the glamorous lifestyle of the “rich and famous” which he lives is a relatively new circumstance for him. In fact, readers of the autobiography will find that Norcross is very human. Norcross is no stranger to poverty with his family boarding at times in hostels and at other times a council house (the British equivalent of lower income project housing).

However, what is getting the most attention is his revelation that he had sex with between 800 to 1,000 women. His sexual exploits include celebrities such as Natasha Giggs, Lauren Pope, Amy Childs, and porn star Kristina Shannon.

The book published by Sidgwick & Jackson is due out in stores on April 25.


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