Parrish Law Against Baggy Pants

Baggy pants have been the ban of many over the years. Finally, however, one Louisiana parish has passed a law banning the wearing of baggy pants in public.

Terrebone Parish passed a resolution this week to ban baggy pants, reports the Huff Post.

The parish council voted 8-1 in favor of the law. Violators will be fined $50 for the first offense. A second offense will cost $100. A third violation will cost the offender $100 and an additional 16 hours of community service. Beyond three offenses, a parish judge will decide the punishment.

Some parish and community residents disagreed with the new regulation. Some felt that the government did not need to control the dress habits of the younger generation.

One woman at the council’s hearing said that the new law brings government to the edge of the slippery slope governing social differences and it creates a new “level of government that we do not allow.”

Others disagreed, including the local NCAAP. The group’s president stated that there is “nothing positive about wearing saggy pants.” The issue is not about blacks or whites, he stated, it’s about people.

One councilman proposed that the council evaluate the baggy pants ban next year to determine its effectiveness.


Baggy Pants Law Will Fine Offenders In Louisiana Parish