Brave Teenage Girl Blows the Lid on India’s Illegal Wife-for-a-Month Sex Tourism

Nausheen Tobassum, a seventeen-year-old girl, refused to engage in prostitution regardless of the demands of her “pimps”. Sadly, in this case, the “pimps” were her own family.

Sex tourism in India is a growing problem, and many of the men soliciting prostitution are Muslim men from the Middle East and Africa.

It should be mentioned that engaging in prostitution is forbidden in most sects of Islam. However, that is not stopping men from engaging in the practice using the process of a short-term marriage.

These marriages are drawn up by contract to last one month and serve the sole purpose of being for sex.

The contracts have absolutely no legal force of law in India, but they do allow the sex tourists to consider themselves submissive to the tenets of Islam because they are engaging in “marital” sex.

The girl in question had been sold as a month-long wife to a 44-year-old Sudanese Muslim man for approximately $1,800. Against the pressure from her parents and aunt, she refused to “consummate” the marriage and fled to the police for protection. The police have arrested her “husband”, aunt, and issued warrants for the arrest of her parents who are currently fugitives of the law.

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India’s ‘one month wives’ sex trade exposed