Oh ****! Beer Made From Elephant Dung 'Sells Out'

Oh ****! Beer Made From Elephant Dung ‘Sells Out’

Japanese Brewery Enjoys Sellout Of Elephant Dung Beer

A Japanese brewery recently laughed all the way to the bank with a special brew it created to sell on April Fool’s Day this year.

The beer that it created using elephant dung became a sell-out in just a few minutes and proved no joke in making the brewery a handsome profit that day.

The unique brew was created using coffee beans that had been fed to elephants and then expelled in their feces, and the company, Sankt Gallen brewery, marketed the special offering as a coffee stout brew.

Despite its steep sales price of over $1,000 per kilogram, the elephant dung beer sold out within minutes. Those who reported tasting the unique concoction said that it was characterized by an initially bitter flavor that was balanced nicely by a sweetness that soon followed.

The beer’s body was described as mellow, with a counterbalance of sweet and bitter aroma from first sip of the beer through to the last.

One taste tester told RocketNews24: “After taking my first sip there was an initial bitterness that got washed over by a wave of sweetness. Following that, a mellow body rolled in and spread out through my mouth.

“The combination of bitter and sweet stayed fresh and lingered in my head. It was a familiar aroma that accompanied me through the entire beer.”

The brewery did not reveal what type of coffee beans were used to achieve the distinctive flavor and aroma of its elephant dung beer, but did disclose that it had no plans to continue offering the April Fool’s Day special brew.

Beer made from elephant dung ‘sells out in minutes’

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