Ashley Del Valle, Transgender Woman Placed In Men's Jail

Ashley Del Valle, Transgender Woman Placed In Men’s Jail

Transgender woman seeks legal action for being placed in men’s jail

On April 14, 2013, Ashley Del Valle, a transgendered woman, was arrested in Savannah, Ga., for exposing her breast and was charged with indecent exposure.

While in the police station, Del Valle was examined and it was determined that she was to be held at the men’s jail since she still had male genitalia.

Del Valle has been living as a woman for over 20 years. The 38 year old victim may be seeking legal action for having spent four days in the men’s jail. She may have a strong case since she was in a men’s jail for a crime that only a woman could commit. A male cannot go to jail for exposing his nipples.

Del Valle was placed in various cells while she was jailed and claims that she was not treated like a human being. She stated that while in there, the deputies referred to her as “It.” Even though she was never in a cell with another inmate, she said that she feared for her life. She was harassed by other inmates who where banging on walls and calling her names.

The police department defended themselves by stating that Del Valle is still a man and that they would have been breaking the law if they had put her in a women’s jail. They stated that even though Del Valle had breast implants, due to her having male genitalia, it was a problem to place her in a women’s facility. They also explained their policy that they have for situations like this. Typically, they will put the inmate in isolation.


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