boys find Big Foot In Mass Forest

boys find Big Foot In Mass Forest

Boys find ‘Big Foot’ in Massachusetts woodland

On March 29, 2013 two young boys in Quincy, Massachusetts stumbled onto a large partially decomposed foot. The foot appeared to be humanoid in that it had five toes, however it was exceptionally large. The medical examiner has determined that it is not a human foot and has sent it for further testing to determine the type of animal the foot does belongs to.

Many have sought evidence that Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, exists. However, there is still no hard evidence that the creature walks the woodlands where believers say they have been spotted. Around the world there have been reports of a large, hairy creature living in woodlands, hiding from civilization. There have been a couple of videos and foot castings that many accept as proof but the scientific community denounce. They believe they are frauds and that the “evidence” is fake.

More often than not bones that are discovered and initially hoped to be evidence of the existence of Bigfoot turns out to belong to bears. It is believed that the foot found by the boys in Quincy, Mass. will also be that of a bear.

One thing is certain the search for Bigfoot will continue by true believers regardless of the fact that this foot is not the evidence of such an existence.


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