North Carolina Bride Fatally Stabbed by Best Man

A North Carolina couple who were wed in 2009 experienced the ultimate in betrayal from a friend when the man who served as the best man at their nuptials wound up stabbing and killing the bride.

Police officials report that Jonathan Wayne Broyhill was having dinner at the home of Jamie and Nation Hahn.

After Nation Hahn returned to the dining room after a brief absence, he was shocked to see that his best man was brutally stabbing his 29-year old spouse before turning to attack him with the same weapon.

According to the Inquisitr, 27-year old Nation Richard Hahn survived his wounds but unfortunately his wife did not. Broyhill then allegedly inflicted wounds on his own body using the same knife and was transported to the hospital after police were called to the scene.

Police officials investigating the tragic incident say that they have no motive for Broyhill’s actions at this time but indicated that they do not consider it to be domestically related to the couple.

Nation wrote on Twitter: “I lost my best friend last night. The sadness is overwhelming … I want to thank everyone for prayers for Jamie. That type of community spirit defined Jamie. I have no idea what I am going to do without Jamie. She was my center, my rock and my soul mate.”

Jamie Hahn’s grief-stricken husband issued a statement saying that he lost his best friend with the death of his wife, who was well known in the local community because she ran a fund-raising organization specializing in politics and non-profit groups. Jamie ran Sky Blue Strategies, a firm that raised funds for nonprofit groups and political campaigns.

Rep. Brad Miller, who worked with Jamie and Sky Blue, said: “Jamie was smart, very likeable and very energetic. She knew everybody. She was involved in everything. I would see her at community events and realize that she wasn’t there for any political reason but just because she supported the cause … She was involved in politics and the community for the same reason. She wanted to make things better in the community, the state and the country.”

A vigil was held for Jameson Hahn on Tuesday evening.

A memorial service is planned for Jameson Hahn on Saturday in Raleigh.

Raleigh police continue to investigate the attack.


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