Stubble Out, Sexy Beard In: Study Credit: Stewart Butterfield/Creative Commons

Stubble Out, Sexy Beard In: Study Credit: Stewart Butterfield/Creative Commons

Women Prefer Male Stubble for Intimacy, Love & Marriage Study Says

A study of British women ages 18 to 44 from the Northumbria University has found that men with facial stubble are seen as being aggressive, dominant, masculine, mature and ultimately better partners for long-term relationships and even a quick shag.

Human evolution experts postulate that a hairy chin obfuscates the jawline making the teeth appear primal or weapon-like which attracts women.

Now, no one should decide to grow a long beard expecting women to beat a path to one’s door.

The study found that stubble is what women view as attractive not beards or clean-shaven faces. Psychologists at the university are inclined to view the findings as proof that stubble is the “happy medium” between a clean-shaven boyish look and being “too masculine” as indicated by a full-grown beard.

The study consisted of 76 women who were allowed to view photographs of 15 men digitally altered to display varying levels of facial hair. Each woman was then asked to rate the photographs by age, aggression, attractiveness, masculinity, and social maturity. Across the board, the least attractive level of facial hair was the clean-shaven look. Researchers found that the same traits women found attractive in men for a tryst as they did for committed relationships.

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