Mother Calls "Diary of Anne Frank" Pornographic

Mother Calls “Diary of Anne Frank” Pornographic

Mother Files School Complaint About “Diary of Anne Frank” Being Pornographic

Northville, Michigan – Is this a legitimately concerned mother or an overly protective woman reminiscent of the religious zealot “Margaret White” in the film “Carrie”? Gail Horek has filed a complaint with the local school district because her child’s 7th grade class is now reading the unedited version of “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Horek claims portions of the diary are “pornographic”, and she prefers that the school return to using the edited version which most schools have been using for decades.

One particularly section that has offended Horek is where Ms. Frank discovers the physical anatomy of her ****** at least the part that is visible to her. Anne’s description of her genitalia, while graphic, is also very innocent as the she discovers there is more to this part of her body than merely hair.

Anne also describes her surprise over learning that she does not urinate from her clitoris as she had previously supposed. Horek’s point is that if the children are going to view a movie which utters a single expletive, parents are required to sign permission slips. She goes on to reason as to how much more should be the parental involvement over reading one girl’s graphic discovery of her genitalia.

The school district suggested she take up her concerns with the teacher.


Northville mother files complaint about passages in the unedited version of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’