N.J. Girls Murder Video: Should Girls Face Criminal Charges?

N.J. Girls Murder Video: Should Girls Face Criminal Charges?

Two N.J. Middle Schoolers Suspended for Making Murder Threats in Video

Two New Jersey twelve-year-old girls have been suspended from school and may face criminal charges in connection with a twenty minute video they made about people they would like to murder and how they would carry out the homicides, reports CP.

The two girls put their deeply cognitive distortions on digital video where they gloried in the people whose lives they would take. One of the girls reported asked the following question, “Wouldn’t you guys think I’d be the best assassin ever?” It is a far cry from previous generations where girls of this age would dream of being the prettiest bride ever to somehow behaving as if they are “The Bride” from the Kill Bill series of movies. The video went viral after it was posted on the internet and concerned parents of the would-be victims are demanding action.

“Wouldn’t you guys think I’d be the best assassin ever. I have special killing thingies for different people.” one of the N.J. girls says in the “murder list” video. She later explains how she would stab one of her targets to death.

Naturally, parents are outraged by the video. Angelica Marrero explained to CBS Local that her daughter wake up in the middle of the night in terror.

“My daughter, she woke up about four times last night, to lock the doors. She woke up with nightmares,” she explained. “We’re concerned parents here — the child obviously needs help.

So was another woman’s daughter, who said a day before the video came out that one of the girls read a note aloud in school of who she wanted to kill.

“My daughter had called me crying hysterically around 11:30, telling me ‘mommy, this girl just told me that she’s gonna kill me,’” that woman said.

Some of the students mentioned by name are experiencing deep trauma as a result. Public outcry has moved the local police to conduct an investigation into the matter and the local school subsequently suspended the girls pending the outcome of that investigation.

The video is no longer available on YouTube. Some families are requesting that the two girls get professional help to prevent any real crimes from being committed.

Do you think the N.J. girls should be charged for releasing a “murder list” video online?

Her’s a news video of the N.J. Girls Murder Video story.


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