2 pounds of loose skin removed from fat Oregon dog

2 pounds of loose skin removed from fat Oregon dog

Oregon Dog Requires Surgery To Remove Weight Loss Excess Skin

A formerly obese dog in Oregon who has managed to lose 40 pounds, found he was being hindered in his movements by excess skin that was dragging on the ground, the Seattle Times reports.

Nora Vanatta, owner of Obie the dachshund, took him to an emergency veterinarian clinic for help. The now svelt pup underwent surgery to remove more than two pounds of excess skin that never shrank back into place after Obie dramatically reduced his weight from a tubby 77 pounds to a more healthy 37 pounds.

His owner hopes that a regimen of healthy eating along with more exercise will trim an additional five more pounds off his frame.

“Obie is continuing to do very well. He went to work with me and Noggin today and is now on his giant pillow. He is eating, the incision looks great and he does not seem to be in any pain,” his owner wrote on Facebook.

Obie has gained fans around the world thank to a Facebook page that has been keeping everyone informed of his weight loss progress and the amazing success of his surgery to remove the excess skin. Many times the only way to remove excess skin left after there has been dramatic weight loss is through plastic surgery because diet and exercise have no impact on the folds of skin left after the body has eliminated excess fat.

No word if Obie had healthcare insurance to cover the cost of the operation and his owner has not revealed the cost of the procedure.

You can follow Obie’s weight loss journy on Facebook.


2 pounds of loose skin removed from fat Oregon dog