Break-in probe after body found in chimney in Derby

Break-in probe after body found in chimney in Derby

Cause of Dead Body Found in Law Firm Chimney Undetermined

When employees at a law firm in Derby noticed an unpleasant odor, they were shocked to discover a man’s body wedged inside the company’s chimney. Although the mystery of the man’s identity has been solved, police officials are no closer to answering the mystery of what the man was doing in the chimney.

The dead man was identified as 42-year old Kevin Gough who reportedly was homeless.

It is not known how long he was stuck in the chimney at Moody & Woolley Solicitors in Derby, but the body was delivered to the coroner’s office for further examination.

Police officials say that they are not treating Gough’s death as suspicious, but are awaiting test results from the coroner’s office to answer many questions.

It’s possible that the victim was trying to gain unlawful access to the building for the purposes of burglary.

A representative from the law firm refused to comment on the possibility that the dead man was a foiled burglar, stating simply that everyone at Moody & Woolley found the incident to be very tragic and sad and expressed sympathy for Mr. Gough and any family and friends he may have had. There was no indication how long the body was in the chimney.

Martina Longworth, a partner at Moody & Woolley, said: ‘It’s very tragic. He must have family and friends around him and our thoughts go out to them.

‘As a firm of solicitors we deal with probate matters, we deal with family matters including child protection so we’re used to difficult matters, and our sympathy goes out to the man and his family and friends.’

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: “Officers were called to the business after the body, believed to be that of a man, was found.

“The area was cordoned off while the body was removed.

“Officers are working to establish the identity of the man and inform his family.”


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