Battenberg lamb born with half white, half black face

Battenberg lamb born with half white, half black face Ben Stevens/Wales New

A Lamb Called Battenberg has a Half-White Half-Black Face

Wales, England – A uniquely colored lamb was born with half of its face black and the other half white. The owners believe that the unique combination of color saved its life when it was born. That is because the lamb was delivered during a heavy snowstorm and was only visible to its owners due to its contrasting colors.

The owner, Marianne Griffiths, explained that lambs are born being one color or the other.

She’s never seen one that was half & half much less one where the black is along one hemisphere of the head. The creature certainly makes for a striking photograph and heartwarming appearance.

Battenberg’s wool is greyish in color. Griffiths said that at the time it was born, she and her husband were recovering dead sheep and baby lambs across the farm from the severe snowstorms.

Battenberg would likely have not survived had it not been for its two-toned head which made it easy to spot.

The little lamb may have more to be grateful for as well. Like the fictional pig in the book “Charlotte’s Web”, Battenberg may end up becoming the family pet instead of a rack of lamb and boiled mutton. Although there is no official word yet on Battenberg’s “family pet” status.

Mum-of-three Marianne, 44, tells METRO: ‘Battenberg is a real mixture which is a surprise because both his mother and father are white.

‘He was born while we were having a tough time of it during the terrible snow that fell in March.

‘We were going out into the fields and seeing dead sheep and new-born lambs.’

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