Chilli bucket emptied over alleged takeaway robber, pops has no sympathy

Chilli bucket emptied over alleged takeaway robber, pops has no sympathy (photo courtesy :FiveRings)

Would Be Robbery Foiled by Bucket of Chili

Rosebery, Australia – 24-year-old Tyrone Holmwood thought to enrich himself on ill-gotten gains when he smashed the cash register at the O’le Chargrill.

However, he was stopped in his tracks before he could make a clean getaway when he was doused with chili sauce by one of the workers. Holmwood is no doubt feeling like a “dongo” (Aussie slang for a stupid person).

Ms. Petry-Tartnoski was working behind the counter and hit him with whatever she could get her hands on, and that was the chili sauce.

Holmwood suffered minor burns and was writhing on the floor when police arrived to take him to jail.

Holmwood claims that he was drunk when the incident occurred and is shocked to learn of the charges. He appeared in court with his eyes inflamed from the chili. According to police, Holmwood initially came to the restaurant and ordered food.

When he was dissatisfied with the order, he argued and subsequently smashed the cash register onto the floor. Ms. Petry-Tartnoski initially tried to stop him, and when he struck her, she fought back with the chili sauce.

Inspector Ralph Deans says police were greeted with an unusual scene when they arrived at the shop.

“It appears that she’s just fought back with whatever was close at hand,” he said.

“As you can imagine with a face full of chilli, he’s received some burns to his face, and he was quite red-faced at the time police arrived to arrest him.

“The shop was in actual chaos, it was in a mess. Counters were pushed aside, chairs were turned upside down, the till as you can imagine was on the floor and smashed – and of course the robber was quite readily identified.”

Holmwood has no sympathy from his father who believes he got what he deserved. Holmwood was denied bail.

If the allegations were true, his son got what he deserved, he told reporters outside the court.

“Good on her,” the father said of the actions of employee Joanna Petry-Tartnoski.

“She should have squirted it in his eyes.”

“I would have poured hot fat over his head.”

The matter will come before Central Local Court on May 14.


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Chilli bucket emptied over alleged takeaway robber