British Tourist Gouged £64 for four ice-creams – Reignites Controversy

Tourist traps have long been designated as such because of their penchant to overcharge visitors for food, lodging, and souvenirs.

However, one British man’s experience in Rome, Italy, has brought the issue to the forefront again. Brothers Roger and Steven Bannister were vacationing with their wives in Rome.

They entered a local cafe and ordered ice cream and were billed £64 (approximate $99 USD).

The issue of local vendors taking advantage of tourists has been a point of controversy, and this most recent incident will not help.

The couple entered the Antica Roma (Ancient Rome) ice cream bar to cool off with some gelato.

The Bannisters were photographed with their receipt showing they had paid a tidy little sum for those gelatos. Speaking to the press, Roger Bannister said that something has to be done to prevent this type of price gouging which he described as being “extortionate”.

A local city councilor by the name of Matteo Costantini heard about the gouging incident when he came across the Bannisters and casually asked them how their vacation was going. Mr. Costantini even offered to reimburse the family out of his own pocket, but they politely declined his offer and suggested the money go to charity.


British tourists charged £54 for just FOUR ice creams in Rome café reigniting row about locals profiteering from holidaymakers