Paul McCartney gig invaded by grasshopper

Paul McCartney gig invaded by grasshopper MPL Communications

McCartney Tour Performance Invaded by Grasshoppers

Sir Paul McCartney may still be a Beatle, but it was an unexpected swarm of grasshoppers that temporarily got the audience’s attention at a recent performance on his “Out There” concert tour. McCartney was at the piano playing one of his hits, “Hey Jude” to a sold-out crowd of 47,000 music lovers in Brazil when a swarm of grasshoppers suddenly made their appearance.

Several of them even lighted onto McCartney’s shoulders as he joked about their activity coinciding with a line from the song he was singing.

The 70-year old McCartney has had many firsts in his stellar award-winning career, but sharing a stage with a swarm of grasshoppers is something that was totally unexpected.

McCartney didn’t seem the least bit flustered by the insect intrusion and continued to sing and play while he joked with the audience, at one point personalizing one of the grasshoppers who alighted on his shoulder by calling him “Harold.”

Lucky for Macca that he doesn’t have a phobia about insects. He may be among those who believe that grasshoppers bring good luck. Over the next three months, McCartney and his “Out There” band mates will be travelling around the world, including performances in Austria, Italy and Poland before the tour’s finale this July in Seattle.


Paul McCartney gig sees stage invasion from swarm of grasshoppers