puppy locked in car for over 3 weeks survives

puppy locked in car for over 3 weeks survives

A puppy survived for nearly a month locked inside an impounded vehicle at a Kansas City tow lot by foraging on leftovers in fast-food bags and, apparently, cigars.

The scared dog is scrawny, but is expected to survive. The 12-week-old puppy was found inside a Buick, but has been named Kia.

“We will give her some proper medical care. She is very, very dehydrated and obviously very malnourished,” said Toni Fugate , spokeswoman for the Kansas City Pet Project, which operates the municipal animal shelter. “We will get some food in her.”

Records show that the Buick was towed on April 8. The terrier and schnauzer mix was living off the trash in the vehicle, said Toni Fugate , spokeswoman for the animal shelter. She didn’t have access to water.

“It seems a little too crazy to be true, but it is,” Fugate said.

Monday afternoon, a tow lot employee noticed Kia lying up near the windshield. He alerted authorities. Kansas City police busted out a window and rescued the dog.

“The animal control officer said the car was just disgusting,” Fugate said.

The tiny dog clung to Fugate and repeatedly whimpered during the interview. The dog squealed and squeaked when she was put in a cage by Fugate.

Fugate sought to comfort her, talking in sing-song to her and telling Kia it would be OK. “I’m a survivor, obviously,” Fugate said to the dog, who likes to nuzzle and give sweet kisses with her paper-thin pink tongue.

Dr. Billie Deam, a veterinarian and owner of the Animal Clinic in Kansas City, North, echoed Rotert’s claim that the event was “miraculous.”

“Without an appreciable amount of water, it’s pretty miraculous for a puppy to survive three weeks in a car,” Deam told the Star. “Physiologically it’s possible, depending on what she was eating to survive on,” she added. “But it’s really stretching the outer limits of what’s possible.”

The Kansas Pet Project is in the process of finding a foster home for Kia. It will be some time before she can be adopted. The city of Kansas City runs the tow lot. City officials did not respond to attempts to reach them for comment.

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