Kidnap Victim Shuns Family After RescueOhio Kidnap Victim Refuses to See Family

Cleveland, OH – 32-year-old Michelle Knight, the female held in captivity the longest by Ariel Castro, has refused to see her relatives.

Specifically, she has declined visits from her mother. Her grandmother also arrived from Florida and likewise has been unable to see her at the hospital. It turns out that life for Knight and her family was difficult in the days leading up to her disappearance at the hands of Castro. At the time, Knight, then age 21, had lost custody of her son to her family.

After she was abducted, her family had little reason to believe she was kidnapped owing to her condition over losing her son. Authorities told family she had likely run away from home.

That may explain why Knight has refused to see her mother, but no one knows for sure. She did receive a visit from her younger brother, and they spoke on the phone following that visit, but she now has no contact whatsoever any family. Knight released a statement to the public thanking them for the outpouring of love and support she’s received, and asks for privacy while she recuperates. Hospital staff say she will have to undergo multiple surgeries for facial reconstruction stemming from the beatings she endured at the hands of Castro.

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Kidnap Victim Shuns Family

Kidnap Victim Shuns Family