Cycle Path With Double Yellow Lines, Too Narrow For A Car

Cycle Path With Double Yellow Lines, Too Narrow For A Car

City Council Adds Second Double Yellow Line On Bike Only Path

Nottingham, England – the local city council has painted double-yellow lines along a bike only stretch of the town.

Some residents see the move as wasteful given that the paved stretch of road is clearly marked for bicycles only. In addition, the lane has sidewalks on both sides of it and spans roughly 4’6″ feet wide which is too narrow for most cars. (The average width of a car is 5’8″).

The local council disagrees that the decision to paint double-yellow stripes is unnecessary. Parking space is at a premium in Nottingham, and it is common for residents to drive up on the curb and park their car in the bicycle path causing a disruption and possible hazard to cyclists and pedestrians.

The city believes that with the extra-yellow paint lines, there will be no excuse that can be given to avoid getting a ticket for illegally parking. Other residents believe that it is unfair to ticket people for parking in the bike lanes given that parking is so difficult to find under normal circumstances.

There are car parks throughout the city, but those incur an additional expense for drivers. It remains to be seen whether this will resolve the matter of illegal parking once and for all.