Female council office manager suspended for biting fellow co-worker

Female council office manager suspended for biting fellow co-worker

Female Council Manager bites Male Employee’s Bottom

A council manager from South Wales has been suspended from her position with North Port Talbot County Borough Council after biting one of her employees on the bottom.

According to council workers the bite occurred during an act of horseplay between council employees; as the horseplay got out of hand council workers heard the 24 year old man scream in pain as his female manager bit his bottom.

One council worker tells the Daily Mail, ‘it was horseplay that got out of hand and she bit a young man working on her team on the bottom so hard that it drew blood.

‘Word has it that he needed to go to hospital to be checked, and possibly to have a tetanus jab.

‘He is a young man who works in an office mainly full of women. There was a bit of banter and a bit of nonsense which went too far.

‘The manager has been suspended while the council carries out an inquiry. I think the council is trying to keep it quiet but it’s all the authority by now.’

The bite was thought to be so hard blood was drawn that was visible through the underwear of the male employee; the man was forced to go to hospital to have the bite checked out and have a tetanus job.

North Port Talbot County Borough Council have so far refused to name the employees involved, but have confirmed a manager in her forties has been suspended pending an investigation.

The branch manager of the union UNISON has called for a full investigation to be carried out and called on all workers who feel they have been bullied or harassed to speak out.

The police have not been called in to investigate the incident despite an internal inquiry being launched. A council spokesperson stated it was usual procedure to suspend an employee being investigated when a complaint is filed.

Female council office manager suspended ‘for biting employee, 24, on his BOTTOM forcing him to get a tetanus jab’