Amputee killed by dogs: "pulled from his wheelchair by his legs"

Amputee killed by dogs: “pulled from his wheelchair by his legs”

A Harleyville, South Carolina man died tragically Sunday after sustaining injuries during a dog attack.

80-year-old Carlton Freeman was riding in a wheelchair at Spring Branch and Dunnings Road on May 8th when four dogs attacked him, according to the Dorchester County Coroner’s Office.

UPI reports Freeman suffered bites and cuts from his legs to the top of his head. He died four days later at Trident Hospital.

The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office interviewed witnesses who told them the dogs have been roaming around the neighborhood for months. Deputies tracked the dogs’ owner—a woman who lives at the end of Dunnings Road.

Animal Control officers spoke to the dogs’ owner who said she owned three of the four dogs involved in the attack; a mother and its two puppies.

Officers captured the mother and two puppies. The dogs had traces of blood on their fur. The fourth dog is still loose in the woods. Officers have set up traps to catch it.

Carlton Freeman was conscious when EMS workers found him the day of the attack. He told EMS that he was pulled from his wheelchair by his legs as he tried to fight off the dogs.

“Upon my examination of Mr. Freeman, it is a wonder that this gentleman was able to hang on as long as he did. He had bites and lacerations from his legs to the top of his head.

According to reports, this is the second fatal dog mauling in the county in a little over a year.

In April 2012, a 2-month-old child was killed and dismembered by a dog in his family’s home as his father slept in a nearby room. The family dog pulled the child from where is sat in a baby swing.


Amputee killed by dogs: Carlton Freeman, 80, died after being mauled by pit bulls

Amputee killed by dogs