Jenny Oliver Enters Unborn Daughter In Beauty Contest

Jenny Oliver Enters Unborn Daughter In Beauty Contest (photo courtesy Jenny Oliver Facebook)

Pregnant Woman Enters Her Unborn Child in Beauty Pageant

Call it an act of maternal faith or merely hubris, but a pregnant 26-year-old married woman has entered her daughter Ella in a beauty pageant this September.

The thing is that Ella hasn’t been born yet. Nor will she be born until July.

Her mother, Jenny Oliver, is fixated on child beauty pageants and yearns for her daughter to start competing at the earliest possible time. It may be that Oliver is a “Honey Boo Boo” wannabe. Regardless of that, Oliver is determined to have her daughter compete.

“With my dance skills and her sister Jess’s knowledge of pageants, there’s no way she won’t win the prize for bonniest baby.

“We may call her Ella but we might call her Eva — we’re not sure yet. It was only a tenner to enter her and I believe you should start them young.

“Ella will do so much better in life with all that experience under her belt.

“They learn how to hold themselves and be poised, be confident and get to do charity work and wear gorgeous clothes.

“I’ve got a tiny pale pink and white dress in mind for Ella. She’s only going to be three months old but she’ll have a bit of fun on the day.”

Oliver believes that children who compete in pageants fare better in life. Ella will be her second daughter. Her first child, Jessica already has competed in pageants.

Oliver extols the virtues of being involved in beauty pageants saying they help girls learn to have poise, confidence, and perform good works on behalf of charities; they also let the girls wear lots of nice clothes. Oliver will have to walk her baby down the catwalk during the baby pageant. She said that is something she’s looking forward to experiencing.

She said that even though she’ll still be carrying pregnancy weight by the time of the competition, she’ll feel nothing but pride showing off her baby.


Jenny Oliver Unborn: I’ve entered my unborn baby in a beauty pageant