Josie Gibson weightloss "Nightmare"

Josie Gibson weightloss “Nightmare”

Josie Gibson says maintaining a trim figure is worse than losing the weight

Former Big Brother winner, twenty-eight-year-old Josie Gibson, has made the news this week after she said maintaining a trim figure after a huge weight loss is the “biggest nightmare ever”. In fact, she stressed, it’s even more difficult than the initial diet and exercise program that caused her to get so thin in the first place.

Gibson lost six stone, or 84 pounds, in just a few months last year but, after a recent vacation to the Canary Islands, she soon found herself starting to gain some of the weight back. Not surprising really, however, when she admits to eating three puddings in a sitting.

She stressed, however, that there is no way she will allow herself to gain all that weight back again as she was miserable when she was at her largest. So miserable she’s already working on her stomach and abs to make sure she stays in perfect shape.

It’s not just Josie Gibson’s weight loss that is keeping her so happy either. It seems she’s also back together with her former fiance, plumber Luke Sanwo, and they are both hoping that this time around the relationship will be permanent.

With a rekindled relationship and a body that’s half the size it used to be, it’s no wonder Josie Gibson has no intention of ever going backwards.


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