Senior Prostitution Ring Busted In House Unit For Low Income Seniors

Senior Prostitution Ring Busted In House Unit For Low Income Seniors

New Jersey Senior Housing Complex Harbors Prostitution Ring

A senior housing complex in Englewood, New Jersey seemed like the last place that anyone would find illicit sexual activity going on.

But police officials are reporting that they have arrested 75-year old James Parham for organizing and operating an illegal senior prostitution ring out of the complex, even going so far as to employ some of his fellow senior residents as sex workers.

“Essentially, they were prisoners in their own building,” Chief Arthur O’Keefe of the Englewood police told the New Jersey Record. “I wasn’t going to allow that to continue.” Police arrested James Parham and Cheryl Chaney in late April on charges of possession drug paraphernalia and maintaining a drug nuisance. Parham reportedly admitted to fostering the drug addictions of several young prostitutes, who he then set up with some of the younger residents of the senior building.

Parham was arrested with sixty-something Cheryl Chaney on charges of drug possession, possessing drug paraphernalia, and allowing prostitution to take place in their apartments.

Although Parham and Chaney employed a mix of older and younger individuals as sex workers, none of the prostitutes have been identified or been arrested by police.

Many of the elderly residents of the complex have made numerous complaints that sexual activity was taking place in common areas of the building and that the complex did not have enough security to make it possible for residents to feel safe to walk outside their apartments.

Kevin Thomas, who has loved ones living in the complex, tells ABC New York he doesn’t understand why older people are turning to crime.

“Why they wait so late in life to start doing stuff they should have did years ago, or shouldn’t have touched period, why do you wait this late?” he said.

There is no word if either Parham or Chaney are still in jail or if they have hired legal counsel to defend themselves against the allegations. Some relatives of seniors living in the complex expressed shock at hearing the prostitution allegations.


Senior Prostitution Ring: Man, 75, Accused of Running Prostitution Ring in New Jersey Senior Housing Complex

Senior prostitution ring broken up in NJ housing complex