17 puppies dumped: Information On How To Adopt One

17 puppies dumped: Information On How To Adopt One

Police are searching for whoever dumped 17 puppies along a Northern Indiana road.

Karen Read was driving near the Indiana Dunes Friday night in Porter County when she spotted a vehicle.

As she got closer, the vehicle sped off, leaving 17 puppies and a mama dog on the side of the road. Read told CBS Chicago that the puppies began to bark and run towards her car.

She saw a gold SUV speed away when she stopped to get a closer look.

All of the puppies are healthy and were taken to a shelter.

According WSBT, the puppies appear to be from two different litters and are Labrador retriever mixes.

Officials are planning to begin adopting the dogs out as soon as this weekend.

Police are asking anyone with information about who dumped the dogs to call Porter County Animal Control at (219) 477-3110.

Update on the Abandoned Puppies

Lakeshore PAWS stepped in to make sure the puppies were healthy and ready for adoption. After thorough examinations, the puppies have been cleared for adoption as soon as this Saturday, May 18. Ashley Hill, dog coordinator for Lakeshore PAWS, has given them raving reviews, saying, “They’re great little puppies. They’re hilarious.”

How to Adopt

Lakeshore PAWS will be holding a viewing on Wednesday, May 15, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Coco’s Canine Cabana at 405 Elm St. in Valparaiso, Indiana. Anyone looking to adopt a puppy must fill out a survey on the Lakeshore PAWS website, and the fee to adopt will be $275. Over 100 calls have already come in from people interested in adoption, so hopefully, the abandoned puppies will soon all be in good homes.