Chef killed over meal: Famed Japanese Chef Miki Nozawa Killed Over Meal

Well-known Japanese Chef Miki Nozawa was killed over a meal — fried noodle dish, which is said to have contained beef and vegetables on Tuesday in the German vacation island of Sylt, which is part of Nordfriesland district.

Two guests felt that their dish was not up to par and confronted the chef about it, refused to pay for their meal, and asked for a refund. The guests ended up leaving the restaurant without paying.

However, they saw Nozawa later on that night at a bar and their argument turned into an altercation. During this altercation, Nozawa is said to have received a blow to the head.

Nozawa, 57, was rushed to a nearby hospital but later died from his injuries sustained in the altercation. It has been said that he had brain damage and suffered from internal bleeding, but an autopsy is being preformed to figure out the exact cause of death.

Nozawa’s unnamed ex-wife told German newspaper Sylter Rundschau that her husband died of “severe brain injuries and internal bleeding” he sustained during a Sunday night altercation.

“My ex-husband was not aggressive, absolutely good-natured man,” she said, according to a Huffington Post translation of the report. “He never would have started a fight.”

“We have heard that the men wanted to get back their ten euros for the food. We see this as a racist act,” she said, claiming that the chef had been called a “chink” while working on the island.

Nozawa’s sister, who lives in Berlin, told the German paper Sylt Rundschau they were suspicious of the police’s failure to make an arrest.

“It almost felt as if they would protect someone,” she said, and implored employees of the bar to come forward with their accounts of the confrontation.

“My ex-husband was not aggressive, he would never have started a fight,” said You Nozawa, who came with their 15-year-old son to Sylt after Nozawa’s death. “He never would have started a fight.”

“We have heard that the men wanted to get back their ten euros for the food,” she said. “We see this as a racist act.”

The Huff Post points out a conflicting report by German tabloid Bild says the two suspects left the restaurant without paying and later ran into the chef as they went into the table dance venue “Z1” and the fight escalated. The suspects are said to have been “intoxicated.”

The AAP reports that the two were arrested but then later released due to lack of evidence. They are, however, still being questioned by police.

Nozawa was known for his Japanese-Italian fusion dishes and had cooked for Mikhail Gorbachev, Phil Collins and Denzel Washington.


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Chef killed over meal

Chef killed over meal in Germany