2 day ferris wheel record set

2 day ferris wheel record set

Man Sets Record Riding Ferris heel for two whole days

Clint Shepard, a 32–year-old male operations manager at Chicago’s Navy Pier Lakefront attraction, broke the record in the Guinness Book World Records for the longest Ferris wheel ride.

On the weekend of May 19 through May 21, 2013, Armed Forces weekend, Shepard road the Navy Pier’s 15 story high Ferris wheel for 48 hours straight, breaking the previous record of 30 hours and 35 seconds belonging to a man residing in Canada. Navy Pier had been packed with guest as they offered free admission to military members and their families. It was a perfect day for Shepard to become Navy Pier’s number one attraction.

Shepard had no sleep during this two-day circling adventure. He was, however, entertained by the Navy Pier’s restaurant meals, personal video games, movies and social media. Many fans, friends, videographers, photographers and even the Guinness World record adjudicator went along for a few spins with Shepard. Fans could also talk to Shepard via Twitter asking questions, offering to ride with him and offering encouragement.

Shepard told an NBC Chicago reporter that the reason for breaking the record at the location of the Navy Pier was “Chicago was home to the world’s first Ferris wheel and the title should be here.”