Angry Mob Pelts Suspected Sexual Predator with Rocks

Pueblo, CO – residents in a local community took a vigilantly approach to a man they suspected of being a sexual predator: they stoned him. The neighborhood has been reeling from two recent sexual assaults where a man described as wearing a bandanna over his face entered the home of a young girl and sexually assaulted her.

In a subsequent incident, a similarly described man flashed himself to a young child. Residents became frustrated with the lack of response by local police and sprang into action when they confronted a man wearing a bandanna and matching the assailant’s description.

The man attempted to flee prompting the group to beat him with rocks. Police arrived and took the man into custody. He is 54-years-old. Despite having his face bloodied, he was not seriously injured.

The man was questioned and later released. He decided against filing assault charges saying that he understood the frustration of local residents. He also agreed to furnish police with a DNA sample so that he could be ruled out as the attacker. Residents say they have no choice but to take matters into their own hands because they police aren’t doing their job adequately.

Angry Mob Pelts Man Thought to Be Sex Attacker